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Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC

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Capitalize On The Hidden Value In Your Cell Tower Or Billboard Leases.  

Your cellular or billboard site has the potential to provide you with much, much more than the monthly payments you are currently receiving. You can maximize the value of your site leases by converting them into large immediate cash payouts to build wealth, make major purchases, pay off debt or whatever purpose you desire. You get the cash and retain ownership of your real estate without taking on any debt. Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC can make this happen for you.

As the innovator in helping owners capitalize on the value of cellular or billboard leases, Crescendo will partner with you to create a custom payout solution that delivers top value in a manner that best suits your needs. Take the money in a lump-sum payment at closing or opt for our unique deferred structured payout plan and receive payments over a 1-3 year period. We work with you to ensure you get the highest cash payout today and optimize the value of your property to make sure you get the benefits from any new leases or upgrades in the future.

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"I am very pleased that I chose Crescendo as my partner. I own a multi-tenanted water tank in a major metropolitan area. I have been approached by all of the competitors in the space, but I was looking for more than fast talk. Good business people want to work with industry experts with both cellular technology and financial expertise. Crescendo helped me structure the best cellular lease buyout today that capitalized on my existing tenant leases. The Crescendo team was responsive to my attorneys and accountants and showed a high level of professionalism in dealing with complex issues. Most importantly, Crescendo has the capital in-house to close so I always felt like I was dealing with decision makers. I value honesty and integrity in the people I work with, and Crescendo delivered on all counts. I strongly recommend Crescendo to other property owners considering their services."

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