“As a commercial property owner and developer, I wanted to make sure that I got the optimal price for my cellular leases, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of unnecessary time and effort with unimportant details and hassles. Crescendo was perfect for my situation. Their professionals were extremely knowledgeable and handled everything in a most efficient manner. They knew their business and took the time to make sure my needs and objectives were met. We were able to reach an agreement very quickly and our closing went off without any last minute surprises. I wish all of my business dealings went as smoothly and profitably as this one.”

  RW, Virginia

Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC
PO Box 1584
New Canaan, CT 06840

Get Immediate Funds For Growth, Expansions Or Working Capital. 

With the slow recovery of the economy, many business owners are searching for new sources of capital such as the Crescendo program. Our professionals work with business owners to structure the optimal solution for their lease assignment and mitigate the risk of lease cancellations or rent reductions. You can choose a lump-sum payment at closing or a deferred payment program designed to fund anticipated expenses or optimize tax planning.

Along with the cash you receive, it is not unusual to create an ongoing partnership with Crescendo, which may entitle you to additional future income from new tenants and upgrades on your lease holdings.

“The Crescendo experience was seamless. They understood the legal and financial issues of my cellular lease and funded my deal in a timely basis. I highly recommend the Crescendo team to other cellular landlords.”     FC, New York