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Fund New Ministries, Capital Needs Or Expansions.

Religious and nonprofit organizations have been impacted by the economy over the last few years. With declining donations and limited government support, these organizations need to uncover new sources of capital to fulfill their missions. The future is even more uncertain considering potential tax law changes that could impact charitable donations, Crescendo provides ready capital for churches and NGO's seeking funding for a variety of needs. With our guidance, church and nonprofit officials are able to convert their monthly cell tower payment stream into significant funding that can be used to support new ministries, expansions, programs, unforeseen maintenance.

“Our nonprofit organization was able to tap into new found cash for our NGO activities through the Crescendo financial program. The Crescendo team was able to fund our deal while satisfying our existing lenders. A win-win for all concerned. We highly recommend the Crescendo team to other NGOs and other cellular landlords looking for innovative financial solutions”   Major NGO and Verizon landlord in a major city
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