“We are very pleased with our transaction with Crescendo. Our town decided to seek additional sources of capital several months ago. We liked the idea of monetization as a way to realize the value of our cellular assets today while maintaining control of the assets in the future. We were approached by another firm, but the negotiation process was both time consuming and expensive as our legal costs mounted throughout the negotiations. We discovered Crescendo, and their team of professionals structured a mutually beneficial deal for all parties that will benefit the town today as well as in the near and long term. The Crescendo team negotiated and closed in a professional and timely manner. We negotiated and closed our deal within 3 weeks, start to finish. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with the professionals at Crescendo who are experts at both cellular technology and financial markets. We highly recommend their services to other municipal managers.

WM, New York

Cash To Cover Capital Expenses, Unexpected Needs Or Budget Shortfalls. 

Municipalities and other government entities are caught between a rock and a hard place in today's economy. Government officials are looking for new financing tools in the face of falling federal and state subsidies, aging infrastructure and rising interest rates, not to mention stiff taxpayer resistance to increased taxes. By using the Crescendo structured payment program, local governments have been able to effectively increase the total payouts for their leases and plan their current and future fiscal budgets without selling real estate, incurring new debt or raising taxes.

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