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Crescendo Capital Trust
18 Locust Avenue #1584
New Canaan, CT 06840






The Crescendo Difference. Still Under Construction.

Crescendo Capital Trust approaches each client with the goal of providing the optimal solution to meet their needs. And because of our expertise, our financial backing, industry relationships and our ability to produce innovative solutions, we are able to deliver.

    - Tailored solutions and payouts - We custom tailor our transaction to ensure you receive maximum
        after-tax value and payoffs to fit your specific needs
    - Maximized upside potential - You get the maximized up-front payouts plus opportunities for addition revenues due to aggressive site marketing and site management
    - Unmatched access to capital - We are able to provide maximum up-front payouts with not delays             or constraints due to funding issues
    - Reduced Risk - You are totally protected against losses due to industry consolidations, rent
         reductions or lease cancellations. rent reductions
    - Simple processes - We believe in keeping things simple when it comes to negotiations and documentation and our closing are prompt and worry free.